Midas M32 LIVE

Uprgrade after upgrade.

Last time we welcomed the latest Funktion One Vero VX90 system to our warehouse and now something new from the world of digital desks.

The Midas M32 is a digital mixing console that offers a total of 32 MIDAS preamps, 40 inputs, 25 Bus buses, 25 motorised faders, high-end DACs operating at 192kHz resolution, a 32/32 soundcard and remote control via iPad/iPhone.

MIDAS preamplifiers offer the highest possible sound quality and the company's 40 years of experience in developing them. Expect completely transparent sound without noise or distortion. However, if you want to turn the preamps up the heat, you'll get musical harmonic colouration that doesn't lack the warmth or quality of the original signal.

The DACs operate at 192 kHz resolution and, thanks to the open architecture, will have no problem working with 96 kHz signals in the future.

Of course, the intuitive controls should not put off even analogue purists, as well as the channel strip that allows quick setting of all important parameters.

The Midas M32 Live is the cornerstone of a first-class sound for your live event or corporate function - rent it with the DL32 stagebox to expand your options.

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